“Reflecting over the last year, it is amazing to realise the amount of progress that has been made.  The knock-on benefit on the team is also very tangible, with everybody working towards much more clearly defined goals, with a real sense of purpose.

In pure financial terms, we have delivered a 20% increase in turnover in what has been a very difficult economic year. More impressively, this growth was exceeded by our 700% increase in profitability!

Lawrence Hardcastle, Larrytech Ltd

“Our main challenges were constant cash flow difficulties, inconsistent sales, miniscule customer base and staff issues, otherwise all was perfect! We had no real grasp of margins and based our success or failure on the bank balance.

The result of our combined efforts has been a complete turnaround in the business and my feelings toward it. In 12 months our customer base has grown by 800%, our turnover and cash flow are now stable but more importantly our profit is up by many thousands of percent!”

John Lee, Paneltech Systems Ltd

“Since working with Marco, turnover, profit and leads have increased as well as our conversion rate!

I highly recommend his services, and usually recommend them to most people I meet who have a business”

Daniel Kenney, Party Doctors Ltd

“Marco is a great asset to BdR and through his patient encouragement he has enabled BdR to grow significantly despite the recession

“His entrepreneurial flair and keen insights, combined with hard graft, have proved to be a real recipe for success. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is serious about wanting their business to flourish.”


Dominic de Mattos, BdR Civil & Structural Engineers

As an owner I was doing everything within the business, whilst getting agitated at staffs lack of productivity”

“I was constantly battling against overload of work and responsibility and was losing focus and to drive the business forward. Marco came along at a point where I couldn’t see how to move forward.

He offered some enticing ideals about where ‘I’ wanted to be so I figured it was worth a shot. I am very proud of our company and its continued growth, we have had an exceptional last financial year and this year seems to be better already. Whilst I don’t think it would be right to say that the business has grown solely down to Marco’s help, I do believe it has, and is, playing a very important part in how I decide to address the growth of my business.”

I now have a much clearer mind set and can now develop visions of how I want the business and employees to operate and function.

Jon May, 1st Choice Garage Doors

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