What they won’t teach you in business school

by Leadership Development

Below are 10 insights I would like to share with you.

You won’t find these in a book, seminar or course. They are simple lessons & truths that I have learned working with small businesses like yours.

1) Without a great team, you won’t have a great business

2) Without a great leader, you won’t have a great team

3) If you lack focus and direction you need a business plan

4) If your plan is not working, learn how to make a better one

5) When your people don’t perform, clarify your expectations and help them step up

6) When your people don’t care you should help them step out

7) If you don’t know the difference between mark up and margin, you should find out

8) Base your decisions on numbers and facts, anything less is guessing

9) Your business is a reflection of you

10) If you want a better business you need to be better


There are no magic wands in business, but there are some basic priciples that when combined, deliver exceptional results.

Which insight do you need to focus on this week?

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