Why did you get out of bed this morning?

by Leadership Development

Why did you get out of bed this morning? Was it to get in to sort out a few things, prepare for that meeting or to speak with a customer? Or was it to continue the work of building the dream? I know which one I would find more motivating. Answering the question of ‘why are you bothering?’ is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your team. People need purpose to be at their best, and it’s your job as the leader to make sure that you and your team are working together to build something special. So, are you trying to change the market? Do you want to be the best or biggest? Give it some thought and make sure you can communicate it with passion and clarity. Having clear and ambitious long term goals will change the way a business operates. It keeps employees focused and engaged, it helps you make better decisions about how you allocate resources and it gives everyone ‘fire in their belly’ Without a vision, it’s impossible to have an effective strategy and therefore even more difficult to have a realistic plan of how to execute your strategy. Give everyone in your business an excellent reason for getting up in the morning, give them a sense of purpose!